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homeless. >> more on top stories in just a bit. first for streets bear the air day. let's find out about the weather. >> it was the killer night for sleeping. really hot yesterday and i thought we would back off some >> >> we will continue with record-breaking heat. we did yesterday got some record so today could be another story in fact here's bill's hot forecast. we could see a few degrees off along the coasts and the peninsula but inland will stay warm again today. by noon time we could be into the upper 90s in some locations. warm today at 104 them back down the upper 80s by the p.m. hour. 80s and 90s through most of the day through the bay and the coast
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low '70's. beach weather again today. we are still really warm out there keeping '60s through san rafael, oakland upper 60s during a word and south bay upper 60s 744 fremont. warming it up quickly of the orange showing us 80 spirit by throwing in nine days your afternoon highs showa's triple digits. all the purple showing us triple digits. a p.m. continuing warm temperatures into the 80s tariff getting up to 103 is set rosa today 1013 sonoma. fairfield's of 1 02. along the peninsula upper 90s. along the peninsula '70s and '80s. 7 day around the bay hot
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today but then cooler temperatures by more the cooling trend continues through the worst of the work will appear >> pretty quiet start for your commute no major problems no hot spots for the driver around the area. we did have word of the possibility of trouble in hayward but it is in the ninth new direction. star with a look at the bridge westbound the bay bridge so far no back up for a delay in easy commute goes to and across the upper deck of the bay bridge. no problems on the lower deck on construction the ride through the san mateo bridge here as you can see is a good one. hayward eastbound of this san mateo bridge connecting up with 880 southbound you may see some delays spirit there was word there was water flooding the what road light. word is chp
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may be redirecting traffic. we do not believe there is southbound problem but only traffic coming from the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge for 101 ride looks good here no problems here the lights are flashing indicating to lanes in the northbound direction. the bridge is configured for the morning commute. marin ride is a good one as you can see in central san rafael just north of side 80 exit ramp and there are no delays through downtown area leading towards 580 and the richmond san rafael bridge. >> developing story six year-old girl was shot early this morning officers responding to a shooting on 1600 blocks just near east 16th. bigger was
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transported to local hospitals stable condition. police say someone may have been a target at the house. no suspects have been arrested >> san quentin prison and a late night ruling has ordered a trial judge to reconsider the first execution in five years. will tran is that san quentin this morning with more accurate >> picklock is ticking on the state if it wants to kill a albert brown this year it passed to do with no later than this friday. the drug that is used in the execution process could very well save his life for now. that is because it is one of three drugs and that drug is said to expire this friday. the drug makers as if it does not happen by then it probably will not make any more of that drug until early next year. brown was convicted of raping and murdering a river side curls 30 years ago.g& at san quentin prn
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will tran kron 4 news. >> 3 people injured nine displaced after a fire breaks out here the fire have the 1130 last night on the 200 block of madison avenue. the ruble to contain the fire shortly after broke out but the house was severely damaged the fire reached the driveway burning these two cars. to treat people were transferred with smoke inhalation the fire started behind a couch but the exact cause has yet to be determined. >> 90 days into the new budget year and they are finally closing in on the deal they worked until late last night and planned to resume talks today at noon. trying to close california's $19 billion budget gap. they deal is 90% finished right now there are some sticking points before budget can be put to about. the governor wants tax and budget reforms including creating a rainy day fund. he wants public pension reforms including
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rolling back benefits. lawmakers want to try get concessions from unions through collective portrait bargaining before changing pensions. even as the leaders reached an agreement they need support from two- thirds of lawmakers. >> of this san bruno pipe line explosion front and center. top officials from san bruno and pg&e will be testifying. the white house supports tougher fines and more inspections of gas pipelines. >> 6:06 a.m. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. it will be hot today so be ready for it like yesterday if you survive you can do it again today. 73 right now in san francisco. it will be thing
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a live look like traffic, warm start for today 60 degrees looking for near 100 degree temperatures by noon. 101 for i near 98 p.m. >> and electrical fault has exploded in los angeles. no injuries at this hour glass doors and windows were blown out by this blast it is unclear if this it explosion was due to the record heat wave. >> southern california in for another blistering day but not as bad as it was yesterday. yesterday loss angeles 113 degrees. the highest temperature
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recorded in the hundred and 20 + years that they have been keeping records. red flag warnings are posted for fire danger again today. fifth >> firefighters gaining ground in ventura county city. thousand oaks. the county fire department says the blaze was reported to have to o'clock yesterday so far 50 a. at this point. right now is 50. >> we will be back as the news continues. san jose right now traffic building. san jose with another
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it feels like an exact repeated yesterday. so whenever you did
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that kept cool you should try again today. >> the stories that we're falling, a federal court has given the go-ahead for united in continental to merge. the judge refused to grant a preliminary injunction so by 49 air travelers, who filed the third antitrust lawsuit. the merger is " pleased to be complete on bart from there. watching wall street today wing for the opening bell, futures looking down çcio çcio no carrierringconnect 2400 
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library of course the costumes as well. >> oakland judge has issued a preliminary injunction barring target from stopping hazardous waste dumping into the environment. he also bars the company from illegal in managing and disposing of universal ways such as battered telephones computers and other electronic equipment. >> time now 620, a full-service member in the rock has been killed in iraq, is often soldier. here's a folder army here is a photo. army specialist as been held in the death of this army private from connecticut. but the department
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said they died friday from injuries they received during non-combat incidents. >> word that the mayor has spent release from jail, for following his arrest for a correction charges. hernandez posted $250,000 borrowing, here's treated to 15 this morning. along with former city manager and six other current former leaders, there were arrested last tuesday accused of is a purpose and some fog and have million dollars. more to come on this story. >> will be right back as the kron4 news morning news continues. we're waiting for sunrise another hot date.they h
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we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. welcome back to kron4 morning news 624 right now there's no
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break today's could be as hot as it was just a day. to should be about the same today. in and landing areas within about a hundred four degrees. the river got hot weather today. it is the bureau go or what date. looking even by the bay, 91 degrees. and there were those of you and give a little more comfortable along the coastline. wednesday and thursday things will start to drop down to lower eighties. we will call a cooler, but 8385 is a nice day a nice weekend on a comparable weekend. >> and francisco's tenderloin hundred and $50 million a year taking care of the homeless population. the city says that is taken more than 11,000 people off the street lost six years. but as kron4 k. thompson reports sells more remain on the street. >> san francisco can close the
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store to the homeless, so every year more people come to the city and then upon the street. >> is a great climate we have a lot of social services organizations of a tolerant community. and and a great environment for people but are in need. >> but homeless advocates disagree, the majority of people on the street or from the city and the greater bay area. and the need for services has increased dramatically or the past few years due to the economy. >> people unfortunately becoming an a homeless because they are becoming homeless and did not have a savings account, credit card, and anything to rely on. they lose their housing and have driven with other folks very essential if under ripe for shelter system. >> you go with millions of
6:27 am
dollars been 7000 people being taken off the street, the public opinion seems to be homeless continues to be a big problem. the director of the city's human services agencies says that san francisco's problem is magnified more than others, because of the geography here in san francisco. >> loss angeles, is worse than sentences for. but we're 49 square-mile site our service centers have to be located in the central city. so you will see a higher concentration on hot coals people on the streets. >> reporting from san francisco case, kron4 news. if >> to a peak of four written about as avenue in san francisco, you concealed, cleared is out there. still yesterday was 96 to 3 degrees in san francisco, they will be local or but it was still pretty san francisco, they will be local or but it was still pretty hot. we will be right back. be g. if i was seven.
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about 629, was before the opening bell here on wall street. and there is we're following market share. after spending most of the morning and read stock futures just turn positive below your. source of the stage for possible of be opened. industrial scene. but actually to home rosales rose in july compared to a year ago which is actually the lowest expectations, but it was not as high as was the month of june. so investors will have to decide rather supports carter buttons to them. right now are trading has just begun. we're expecting markets open on a positive side. as of the about a quarter of one. no. just a lot of the doll. we looking for are on the system as we get those numbers coming in will come back here and give you the update. >> alive look out here what secretary of birds already 60 degrees hundred degree
6:31 am
temperatures in land >> pretty compatible whether yes asked yesterday appeared today in the valley is expected to be hot. along coast as well. another day of beach weather. downtown san francisco clear this was to allow in livermore. still looking at the upper 50s. but some book and then do we give your kids to the upper 90s in the afternoon high-level murrah expected a hundred and four degrees. back down to low 90s by the clock hour. currently still very warm out there in san francisco the to the '70s, 66 degrees for oakland upper 60s for hayward. for as we work for which the the date, the 10 clock hour brings widespread eighties. and in mine in time what dollars roasted and phelan, '90s into the afternoon and the afternoon highs will top bottom to the triple digits. in going back
6:32 am
down to the eighties and seventies by the it clock hour. year after their highs in into triple digits and a rose r. rinehart, also in the affair filled kitchen into the mid-90s for center fell mill valley. down along the violence that could shave off a few degrees. still, keeping a nice beach weather in the '70s today along the coast, and over to east bay temperatures in the '80s and '90s. we should get up to be about 93 degrees and sound around 093 on reader could go up so 96 in castro valley. singer rose for livermore and pleasanton as well in dollars to the south bay temperatures in the '90s might even seasoned triple digits as well. here's your 7 days around the bay, showing to marc cohen of them will continue with the cooling trend for the rest of the weakened to the weekend. george >> back of the bay bridge toll plaza, as soon as the lights were activated, it has been for about a half minutes for the
6:33 am
west hour ride. this is the route to a we got about the already just the end of the us ease parking lot. unevenness is a 80 approaches a starting to back a bit, we do not have been reports of incidents or problems on the stand, solis i hope this is of continue to grow hoping that there's nothing out on the bridge, a bookseller of these flights of recycled at a very slow rate. so this could be, bart official backup of the bay bridge toll plaza. looking at the sound of to a bridge, no problems here free ride in either direction is. west valley's bound. no delays coming out for a holder, you may find some slowing if you had from foster city that they were getting on to the know as freeway's southbound. here's reporter water from broken water lines. the golden gate bridge right still smooth and easy one, no problems across the sand. we saw a flash of traffic to a loss on a book, things have played a couple of
6:34 am
good. if san francisco to look at the end of central for right. no delays here on the james lick. the likely later this morning-we will see some of their were the two freeways to join. >> to tell his story out of oakland, six year-old girl shot early this morning in her home, officers answered during a seminary ave. east of 16th street. around 2:00 a.m., she was in solder home when the shots came from outside. please to announce early this was a random shooting. >> is very alarming, considering that this family was asleep. it definitely appears to be a target of an incentive. the use of force of those sexual assault were shot when she was living during >> the girl is transported to a local hospital and is in stable condition. someone inside the house may have been a target. no suspects are in custody.
6:35 am
>> 634 right now, new development for the first scheduled execution of five years, governors schwarzenegger has delayed the execution by 45 hours. it is up to have a minute after it went state midnight wednesday. it has to force a 9:00 p.m. thursday, to give the courts more time to weigh in on the issue. this is the man facing the death penalty convicted murderer and rapist albert brown, meantime roof of a loaf cordis hathis is the firstn early fog years. the judge needs to schedule a new hearing and time is of the essence. one of the three drugs used a lethal injection process will reach its expiration date on friday. and the maker of the drug says it will not have more of it until next year. >> new details on the zebra or gas line explosion and dsp, is
6:36 am
investigating the failure and an important piece of equipment. pg&e crews have been working looking for, congressman jack needs your visit to this bit seen yesterday, says the steps pg&e took may have affected the utility's ability to regulate the pressure in the pipeline. >> the explosion is taking funds and at the u.s. said on capitol here terror senator dianne feinstein will be the first testified. before the commerce committee. the white house is supporting more inspections of natural gas lines. >> take a look now decision 20 tend ms. whitman and brown face off today in their first debate held out uc-davis. according to the latest polls, brown is
6:37 am
leading with 46 to 41%. on likely voters. about a fifth of california voters are still undecided on and get rid of. that is so close, it's a horse race right now. >> i will be right dot as the kron4 morning news continues. looking over at the east bay, beautiful sunrise and is this morning. this afternoon temperatures will be of their 100 degrees. we'll have more forecast coming up. our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors,
6:38 am
including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us. when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate
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didn't it is 640 right now taken alive temperature r of livermore. livermore is to deny degrees right now. but here's one of those big record-setting head spots. a hundred and four degrees for the high, and even more than that a new route for lunch at noon it is r regan be 99 degrees. when he draws little will be 92. so another hot one
6:41 am
today. >> folks in new jersey have arrested a man who they stayed sprayed gunfire at a weekend party. curious 25 year-old nicolas walsh. he was arrested in his home last night, they're still looking for a second man. both are charge of murder conspiracy, and weapons violations. he is being held on and $2 million bill. spoke expected to make repairs to their tomorrow. >> governor supports a letter signed into law a bill that will limit the amount of toxic metal in dot that can be used in shoulder as jewelry. under this law camion can be no more than 300 parts per million. in jewelry intended for kids aged 6 and under. the law takes effect in 2012. meantime governors schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill, that would have required special labels on clothing made with animal fur. the governor said that he is concerned of increased costs to manufacture
6:42 am
and merchants. i thought $1,000 penalty was excessive. >> live look from san jose, the tropics to giving up years detail on the one on one northbound running just a little bit slot pass these seven interchange.
6:43 am
the file on david harmer isn't pretty. a corporate lawyer for a credit card company fined millions, even deceiving seniors. an executive for predatory lenders, as harmer's bank got billions from the wall street bailout. david harmer -- helping corporations rip people off. a record we can't afford. we need jerry mcnerney, small businessman, voting against congressional pay increases and refusing to take them, standing up for what's right. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast free quote and start saving today. welcome back to kron4 morning news, now 645 and the sun is starting to rise. started he this up once again, dear brother it for another hot date. everyone is in for some warm temperatures. once again we're going to see plenty of triple digits. in fact we macy's a record-breaking heat. again until tomorrow. so today is the last day of the heat wave, here's a look your expected ties for today compared to the record-breaking temperatures. in sfo we're expecting temperatures and to the upper eighties, so we may stay clear some records there tonight. into oakland 91 degrees, monday is expected to get up to 94 in the
6:46 am
record amount used during this days 91 degrees in 1999. we also might set some records in san jose and santa rosa expected to become an to the upper 90s and hundred and three in santa rosa. possibilities of breaking records up in the north bay today. looking at your current temperatures, so really warm and sentences for about 72 degrees, a kia around 600 the bank, in san jose coming and run around 68 degrees. 63 and deliver more. as we take it into the after- after their highs looking at of ruhollah part in some sun rose up. but a hundred and two degrees in fairfield, it could shave off a few degrees in san francisco coming in around 87. now some are round of polls, again today. here's a look your east bay forecast, 88 for berkeley down to hayward and
6:47 am
fremont temperatures and to the '90s. valley. in to concord and the doctor will agree. travelled digits as well, big cool down coming tomorrow. it will continue with the cooler forecast for the rest the week into the weekend. >> we are still looking at some sole cause of the bay bridge toll plaza. it does look very good right now, it looks like we may be looking at a good backup on the bay bridge. even here on the 80 connector ramp, we have seen the back of start to climb on the bridge. i guess this is just a case of a meteor light back up. it does not look good for the rest of the morning. san mateo bridge trysails madrid of a problem still persists of the 92 interchange coming off of the bridge. were we have word about water main break. that was put
6:48 am
in water to the right hand lane of the connecting ramp from east on 92 on to southbound eighties. the golden gate bridge rise still smooth one, no problems coming in marin county are driving through marin county on what one southbound. a looking at 1 01 north on a san jose, this is strophic leading up to the to the exit, the continuing north continuing toward bowers great america parkway, there are no problems with dreiser's at the clear. and the hearing arthropod alto. public transit still a smooth start no delays by cal tried on the peninsula bart r e string. >> from our heat wave in here on the west coast of flooding in the midwest, we have some difficult weather in other states they are struggling. take a look at the conditions in washington. >> getting drenched in waterlog, wisconsin residents are keeping an eye on hundred and 20 world
6:49 am
levy which is starting to spring some, but might break down entirely. >> this is crazy, you do not get this in the big city. >> for the 900 homes are threatened if the dike fails. the river crested at about 20 ft., which is about three and a half feet above the flood level. on the west coast, a massive heat wave a scourge in southern california, though the merger is trying to a record-breaking hundred and 3 in downtown los angeles. the hottest temperature log since 1877. >> it is very hot, i do not understand why it has riyadh's right now. a specialist two weeks in the fall already? >> north carolina that nonstop rain shot that i was 17 during rush hour, turning it into a
6:50 am
rush hour nightmare. >> my daughter is pregnant she could go into labor at any time. we have been sitting here for two hours. >> kate fear of north carolina made efforts its three month eurocom may do to all the rain, wisconsin officials anticipate that the river will begin to receive tomorrow. >> doll look for your tax form instructions and your mailbox this year, the irs has decided to stop mailing out tax forms. because there's so many people filing electronically. if you want to file a paper form you will talk to your virus website or offices and libraries and post offices. the irises boasted save about $10 million a year by eliminating this mailing. >> the white house is sending george mitchell to keep things going. israel is refusing to extend the slowdown of the
6:51 am
instruction on disputed land. they're busy at work, the state department says the u.s. deployment by israel's actions. >> to u.s. hiker still in prison and i run, might be getting some help from holon. everyone is waiting to hear about the meetings between beaumont officials and iran. irani in newspaper reports of the two men might be allowed to leave with the mony representatives. james >> here in the newsroom, and just this just in hundred officials and mexico fear hundreds are dead due to a collapse of the hillside. this happened at town just outside a mexico city. at this point emergency officials say rescuers are having a hard time reaching the area. we will follow more of the story as it develops during the morning. >> 651 right now, we're taking a
6:52 am
look at the san mateo bridge and talk about how hot it is going to be in san mateo degree to date perianth the height to they will be 93 degrees, so looking at a hot tablatures and even record heat in some areas again today. we will be right back. jerry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%.
6:53 am
the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
6:54 am
failure as governor. failure as mayor.
6:55 am
@2 let's take a look at let's take a peek at seven dave forecaster because jessica was haunted it was the same periods where not backing off all landing in the city's coming since about a hundred and four topping out 91 by the bay, san francisco's 94, and we're still looking at 72 around the coast. another gorgeous beach a. the new casino cool down, lay in and take along a tree-lined, by midweek mid '80s. but the beach a school. >> industrial stocks to below the dow is some 30 points, in
6:56 am
the last hour home prices came out and they picked up in july for the fourth straight month. many cities are bracing for a decline in the year ahead. home prices are 0.6% in the month of july. >> tech news ran now there's a new system that gives drivers about division at night " lowering half the risk of hitting pedestrians at night. >> in the u.s. from 5000 pedestrians a year are killed by automobiles. most of these accidents happen at night, there's new technology being developed that would add night vision into cars. making it easier for drivers to see what it is dark road. all allied night vision to is the first advanced consumer night vision. third there system uses a far infrared camera built into the front of repair it extends its images to a small computer built into the car, the run software
6:57 am
to detect and identify pedestrians of 200 yds in for a of a moving vehicle. did in saltine improved night vision is displayed on the tv screen built into the dashboard. it seems to offer a good clear view of what is ahead. if a pedestrian is spotted in for a of a car, it was bought flashy yellow warning alerts lines. it is definitely easier to see two people running across the street with the night vision, here is again. and in that this example, a person is revealed walking a dog on the left side of the road, you can barely see them on his dark country road without the night vision. here is again, the all live night vision system is offered in some high-end luxury vehicles now. it should be available for most cards in five to 10 years because comes down. kids like kron4 news. >> we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues
6:58 am
into minutes.
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